On social media, video is used by 93 percent of brands to acquire clients. Consumers are more likely to learn about new brands through video commercials. Furthermore, 84 percent of customers think a brand’s video has persuaded them to purchase a product or service.

Brandsup Solutions offers a variety of video production services.

There are many different types of video content marketing. Our skilled video production team has the knowledge and skills to handle any project you may have.

The following are some of the most typical sorts of videos we utilise in video marketing or video advertising campaigns:

On-the-Spot Shoots

Videos shot on location personalise your message and give your brand and its services a human touch. We bring high-quality video creation to you by partnering your brand with skilled videographers, producers, and creative directors.

We “have video, will travel” by securing on-screen talent, identifying ideal filming locations, and recording live-action interviews, testimonials, demos, promos, and more.

Studio Productions

We generate films that have an effect because we have a full-service, on-site video studio in our Boston offices and top industry innovators behind the camera.

We can create a product video, a web demo, a news update, or anything else you need. We have all of the resources and experience you’ll need for your video marketing campaign right here in our studio.

Animation Services

Complex ideas are synthesised and animated in 2D and 3D formats by our motion graphics designers.

You can easily explain thick, technical software and elaborate product specifications using animation, making it an excellent addition to your marketing mix.

Production of a Whiteboard Video

One of the most convincing genres of web video is whiteboard animation. Whiteboard videos can be used to convey information, educate audiences, and demonstrate creativity.

To deliver your message, our in-house producers and animators mix the greatest elements of live-action talent, narration, bespoke character graphics, and visual storytelling.

As a Strategy, Video

In today’s search engine-driven environment, video marketing is a must. Higher rankings are given to videos that engage viewers, keep them on the website, and encourage social sharing. Additionally, each video you create increases the amount of search engine indexable webpages, allowing for a greater search presence and giving your material a visual, attractive face. These assets can help you achieve the following goals with the correct video strategy:

Brand Recognition

Content with a lot of media gets you noticed and heard.

Participation in social activities

Powerful videos are more likely to be shared by followers and subscribers.

Brand Reputation

With the human touch of video, your brand can gain trust and commitment.

Optimization for mobile devices

Mobile-optimized videos Make your content usable on a variety of devices.


Your brand can use video content to reach out to prospects, qualify leads, and convert purchases.

Customer Satisfaction

Existing consumers can get the most out of your products and services via explainer films and tutorials.

Your Brand in Action, Your Vision in Motion

Do you have a suggestion? We’re the ones that bring it to life. Don’t know where to begin? Your dedicated video services team collaborates with your firm to learn about its brand, vision, and future goals.

We create personalised video solutions that meet your specific needs and marketing objectives.

Turn on the lights, turn on the camera, and convert.