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Communications Inc

was a Canadian telecommunications company which provided telephone, Internet, television, and mobile services. The company was founded in 1966 as Capital Cable Television Company, Ltd. by JR Shaw in Edmonton. The company was acquired by and amalgamated into Rogers Communications in 2023; the Shaw brand momentarily remains active through various operating companies now owned by Rogers

Communications Inc

is a Canadian communications and media company operating primarily in the fields of wireless communications, cable television, telephony and Internet, with significant additional telecommunications and mass media assets. Rogers has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario


was an American technology company, defense contractor, and information technology services provider that produced wireless equipment, tactical radios, electronic systems, night vision equipment and both terrestrial and spaceborne antennas for use in the government, defense and commercial sectors. They specialized in surveillance solutions, microwave weaponry, and electronic warfare. In 2019, it merged with L3 Technologies to form L3Harris Technologies.


CAE Inc. (formerly Canadian Aviation Electronics) is a Canadian manufacturer of simulation technologies, modelling technologies and training services to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, healthcare specialists, and defence customers. CAE was founded in 1947, and has manufacturing operations and training facilities in 35 countries. In 2017, the company’s annual revenue was CAD $2.705 billion

Via Rail Canada Inc
Canada Inc

(reporting mark VIA) (/ˈviːə/), operating as Via Rail or Via, is a Canadian Crown corporation that is mandated to operate intercity passenger rail service in Canada.

Via Rail operates over 500 trains per week across eight Canadian provinces and 12,500 kilometres (7,800 mi) of track, 97 percent of which is owned and maintained by other railway companies, mostly by Canadian National Railway (CN). Via Rail carried approximately 4.39 million passengers in 2017, the majority along the Corridor routes connecting the major cities of the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor, and had an on-time performance of 73 percent.

Enbridge Inc

is a multinational pipeline and energy company headquartered in CalgaryAlberta, Canada. Enbridge owns and operates pipelines throughout Canada and the United States, transporting crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. Enbridge’s pipeline system is the longest in North America and the largest oil export pipeline network in the world.[2] Its crude oil system consists of 28,661 kilometres (17,809 miles) of pipelines.[3][4] Its 38,300 kilometre (23,800 mile) natural gas pipeline system connects multiple Canadian provinces, several US states, and the Gulf of Mexico.[5] The company was formed by Imperial Oil in 1949 as the Interprovincial Pipe Line Company Limited to transport Alberta oil to refineries. Over time, it has grown through acquisition of other existing pipeline companies and the expansion of their projects. Between 2012 and 2021, Enbridge transported over 32 billion barrels of crude oil.

Giffels Associates Limited

Giffels, is part of Ingenium Group Inc., an integrated group of
companies that provides full service, consulting, construction and property development services worldwide. With over 50 years of continuous operations, the Ingenium Group is an employee-owned Canadian company that relies on the expertise of its 800+ employees to be the partner of choice for the design and implementation of integrated building and engineering solutions.

Air Liquide S.A

is a French multinational company which supplies industrial gases and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers. Founded in 1902, after Linde it is the second largest supplier of industrial gases by revenues and has operations in over 80 countries.[2][3] It has headquarters at the 7th arrondissement of Paris.[4] Air Liquide owned the patent for Aqua-Lung until it expired

Société Bic S.A

commonly called Bic and stylized as BiC, is a French manufacturing corporation based in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine. It sells a world-leading brand of lighters and pens since its founding by Marcel Bich (1914–1994) in 1945, and a competitive amount of shaving goods.[6] For several years, it sponsored Formula One and bicycle racers.


Toyota Boshoku Corporation

is a Japanese automotive component manufacturer. It is a member of the Toyota Group of companies. Toyota Boshoku Corporation entered the North American market via Toyota Boshoku America (located, inter alia, in Erlanger, Kentucky).


Knowles is a market leader and global provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones and speakers, audio processing, and precision device solutions, serving the consumer electronics, communications, medtech, defense, electric vehicle, and industrial markets.


Funko is a company that specializes in pop culture consumer products. They are known for their wide range of collectible figures, including vinyl Pop! figures featuring characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and more. Funko also produces other merchandise such as apparel, accessories, and home goods.

TPI Composites

TPI Composites is a global provider of composite wind blades for the wind energy industry. They design, manufacture, and distribute wind blades for various wind turbine models. TPI Composites’ blades are lightweight, durable, and designed to maximize energy production while minimizing environmental impact.


Caterpillar is a multinational corporation that manufactures construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. Caterpillar’s products are used in various industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, energy, and transportation.


KPMG LLP is one of the Big Four accounting firms, providing professional services in the areas of audit, tax, and advisory. They offer a wide range of services to businesses and organizations, including financial statement audits, tax planning and compliance, management consulting, and risk assessment.

Banfield Pet

Banfield Pet Hospital is a veterinary care provider that operates pet hospitals across the United States. They offer comprehensive medical services for pets, including preventive care, vaccinations, surgery, dental care, and diagnostics. Banfield is committed to promoting pet wellness and preventive care.

Greystar Real Estate Partners

Greystar Real Estate Partners is an international real estate developer and manager based in the United States. As of 2022, Greystar had $58.2 billion in gross assets under management and operated in 16 countries.

Greystar was the largest apartment management company in the United States in 2021 with over 768,000 units/beds as of 2022.


Citigroup, commonly known as Citi Group, is a multinational financial services corporation. They provide a wide range of financial products and services, including retail banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management, and institutional banking. Citi Group operates in various countries and serves both individual consumers and corporate clients.